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Alien Man Mug

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Image of Alien Man Mug
  • Image of Alien Man Mug

July 7, 1947. A rancher named W.W. Brazel told Sheriff George Wilcox that he had found something strange on a sheep ranch northwest of the town. After finding bits of green, white, and blue ceramic in the field, the Sheriff called the local Army air field, which sent Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer, to check it out. Marcel was convinced that Brazel stumbled upon nothing less than the remains of an Alien Man Mug. He told his group commander, who told the press officer on duty, Walter Haut, who sent out a press release. The next day the Roswell Daily Record bore a headline—”RAAF CAPTURES ALIEN MAN MUG ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION”—that instantly turned the town into the nation’s UFO capital.

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