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Mealmates Official Manga (Preorder)


Image of Mealmates Official Manga (Preorder)
  • Image of Mealmates Official Manga (Preorder)

Mealmates, the sequel to critically acclaimed Mealmate™, is a multiplayer party game where you compete to create the most delicious edible human. Get your friends together or play by yourself. It's a minigame mayhem. Whoever produces the most delicious Mealmate will win eternal glory. Dress up your Mealmate in the latest fashions, cook gastronomical delights, explore the mysterious town and more in the greatest multimedia experience of the year.

1 x Mealmates Official Manga
1 x dweemate Sticker
1 x Wet Gamin Sticker
1 x Secret Mealmate Sticker (not available for individual sale)
1 x Mystery Sticker

This is the official accompanying manga to the game Mealmates. 20 pages of handdrawn art by professional manga artist magicdweedoo. *WARNING* contains story spoilers! (The contents of this manga is viewable in-game).

Order will be shipped out 2 weeks before Mealmates release date.

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